Scott Mitchell - DRUMS


Engineer by day…. yet MUSIC is still my true passion!

I am an experienced, semi-professional drummer in my mid 40’s and have been playing drums in cover bands for 14 years now. After 5 years of loyal dedication to my last band, One Mile (this website), I am ready to offer my services to a new band with like-minded members who are seeking a drummer with matching qualities & attributes as described herein. I live in Tracy, CA and am willing to travel fair distances for the right match.


Band / Performance History:

  • 2005 through 2008 | The Gabe Duffin Band (Livermore) - Classic / Pop Rock

  • 2008 through 2013 | Sixstring (Disco Bay / Walnut Creek) - R&B / Dance Rock

  • 2013 through 2018 | One Mile (Walnut Creek) - Country / R&B / Folk / Dance /Soft Rock

  • Over 170 live performances & 300 cover songs played

  • 70+ Northern California regional venues played (150-mile radius); ranging from small coffee lounges & restaurants to large outdoor, full stage / pro-sound public events.

  • Occasional back-up drummer for several other local bands (as called)

Styles & Influences:

  • Rock (all decades, genres & sub genres), R&B, folk, funk, prog, old & new country, pop dance, blues.

  • The Eagles, Stone Temple Pilots, Johnny Cash, Jethro Tull, Jeff Buckley, Sade, Pink Floyd, Hall & Oates, Queen, The Cure, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Sublime, The Carpenters, Blind Melon, Chicago, REM, Billy Joel, Alice in Chains... more.

Playing Style & Approach:


What I am:

  • A versatile “pocket” player with rock solid tempo & overall strength in group musicianship. I come up to speed fast.

  • I have an astute understanding of my role as a drummer & contribute to the band's sound accordingly; always playing what the song calls for (volume, dynamics, feel, etc.).

  • I am a reliable team member who always puts the needs of the band, the audience & the show ahead of my own.

  • I am easy to work with. I show up to rehearsals on-time & prepared, and I expect the same from everyone else.

  • I love to learn, take on new challenges and take the game to the next level.

  • On every front, my band mates receive 110% effort from me. I am also knowledgeable and resourceful in many other areas.


What I am not:

  • I have no desire or need to play drum solos or “over the top / out of context” drum fills.

  • I do not have tactical singing experience, but am open to the possibility of back-up vocals (have done so a few times)

  • I do not have an over-inflated sense of self-worth (ego check); I have a fair sense of what my skills are… and are not.



  • Drums: Pearl (several kits)

  • Cymbals: Primarily Paiste & Sabian

  • Microphones: Sure & AKG

  • Monitors: JBL EON floor, Mackie SRM150 compact + headphone monitor.


Experience Extras:

  • Gig Booking: (gig seeking, planning, negotiating, contract writing, etc.)

  • Marketing: branding, logo, graphic design and Promo Pack publishing

  • Website development, deployment and maintenance (example: this website)

  • Social Media page authoring, deployment & networking (Face Book, SoundCloud, etc.)

  • Studio planning, recording & production

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